Pulvertech Kft.

3200 Gyöngyös, Kassai u. 29.
Phone/Fax: +36 37 30 44 30
Mobil: + 36 30 939 3067



The founders of our company had had a decade long business relationship with Rohm & Haas, a leading international company. Rohm & Haas was looking for a solid business partner with sound business policies and reliable professional staff to distribute its products in Hungary. The owners established PULVERTECH Ltd. in Gyöngyös the company that can become your most trusted business partner.


In the year following our foundation, our customers helped us sell over 230 tons of powder coatings. This has been achieved in cooperation and together with our 257 business partners.
We created a continuously growing product and service portfolio.


AkzoNobel Powder Coatings merged with Rohm & Haas Powder Coatings. As a result, the products of AkzoNobel, the largest paints and coatings company are distributed in Hungary by PULVERTECH Ltd.
Seven production plants around Europe work constantly to serve European distributors.

  • Arnsberg – DE
  • Como – IT
  • Romano d’Ezzelino – IT
  • Felling –UK
  • Opava – CZ
  • Dourdan – FR
  • Vallirana – SP
Pulvertech Kft.

Our distribution system has been designed to meet individual and special customer needs in the rapidest and most flexible way independently of production capacity.


Our new product portfolio was extended to include a powder coating range of 2 500 in-stock products.
New features were incorporated into our distribution system to be able to offer advanced level services to our customers. In September 2011, we introduced a new distribution service that has been working with great success ever since; orders are delivered promptly or on the same day directly to the customer’s business location.


Development of a Special Sample Panel Collection. The collection includes a selection of powder coatings with custom colours, structures and gloss and with unique properties.

Launch of rapid production service. Individually selected colour (RAL Classic, RAL Effect, RAL Design, NCS, BS, PANTONE), gloss and texture, new product is designed and manufactured in 5 days.

Development of website where you get instant information on sale promotions, news and current events. Technical and safety data sheets and product catalogues can be easily and simply downloaded from our website.

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