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Colour cards

Our powder coatings are based on internationally accepted colour standards.

Hungarian and the most frequently used powder coatings are based on the RAL Classic colour standard. This colour chart consisting of 213 colours is the most widely used colour chart internationally. It allows for easy and quick identification and is therefore essential in the coating application industry.

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Colour standards offer excellent assistance in the selection and comparison of new unique colours. All our colour cards are available for our partners even for single inspections.

  • RAL Classic, RAL Effect, RAL Design
  • NCS
  • Pantone Coated, Uncoated
  • British standard


RAL CLASSIC colour collection

Colour cards - Pulvertech Kft.

The 4-digit RAL colours have been the standard of colour selection for over 70 years now. At first, the colour collection included 40 different colours only. That number has risen to 213 by now. The basic collection for mat colour shades is called RAL 840-HR, the one for glossy colour shades is RAL 841-GL. The colours are constantly adapted to meet industry requirements. The colour charts are used as colour samples for designs. They also contain safety and signalling colours and fulfil the requirements of DIN regulations.


Colour cards - Pulvertech Kft.

RAL DESIGN System has been developed specifically for sophisticated decorative colour design. It is an excellent choice all over the world for representatives of the construction, design and advertising industry. The methodically arranged, colour metric defined collection has quickly become the ultimate choice for users since its introduction in 1993. Creative colour design requires a multitude of colour hues and RAL DESIGN has no rival in meeting that requirement. RAL DESIGN System offers 1625 colours.


Colour cards - Pulvertech Kft.

RAL EFFECT offers excellent opportunities for industrial applications. RAL EFFECT comprises 420 standard colours and 70 metallic colours. It is the first collection from RAL to be based on waterborne paint systems. All of these are free from heavy metals such as lead, cadmium or chromates. RAL EFFECT allows for eco-efficient painting which is easy and modern.

Selected advantages:

  • 420 standard colours and 70 metallic colours, based on waterborne paint systems with simple and effective formulation.
  • Each colour family has 6 standard colours with matching metallic colours.
  • Large number of popular light colour shades.
  • Compliance with European EN and ISO standards



Colour cards - Pulvertech Kft.

NCS Index provides a library of all NCS 1950 original colours in a fan deck. The colours are divided into five different groups which are grey, yellow (G80Y-Y70R), red (Y80R-R70B), blue (R80B-B70G) and green (B80G-G70Y). Navigation within pages is simple, colours are easy to identify and locate. Markings in the NCS Colour Circle and NCS Colour Triangle on each page show the positions of the colours in the NCS System. A durable cover holds NCS Index together and a fastening at the top holds the pages into the cover when not in use.


Colour cards - Pulvertech Kft.

Pantone Plus Series Formula Guide is one of or probably the most popular colour chart with print professionals. Series Plus collection is the combination of the 14 standard Pantone basic colours specifying the mixing ratio of each colour. A ’recipe’ is included with each colour. Coated and uncoated colour samples are available in two fan decks. Each deck contains 1341 colours arranged chromatically.

British Standard Colours

Colour cards - Pulvertech Kft.

British Standard Colours fan deck contains representations of all colours from BS 4800, BS 5252, BS 2660, BS 381C and all other BS colours. It includes nearly 500 colours with colour ID code and name. British Standard colours are normally used in print but colours may be developed for other applications as well.

Pulvertech Kft.

Individual identification is also available based on L.a.b., CMYK and RGB exact parameters.

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